5 Good Reasons To Have An Akashic Record Reading

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Have you ever wondered where you come from, I mean at soul level? Have you felt an affinity with other worlds or star systems? Does the term ‘Starseed’ get you going? Does the idea of past lives excite you? Have you experienced challenges and situations in your life which you just know hold a deeper meaning? If so then an Akashic Record Reading will answer those and many more questions you have.

My journey has been a long one, I knew that deep down inside. I just knew I had experienced other lifetimes and knew that experiences from those lifetimes played a part in who I am today. one of my present life challenges was one of fear, fear that seemed to keep me stuck..going round and round in circles like a dog chasing his tail and never managing to grab it. Then I had a Soul Realignment session and it literally blew my mind. Although the wisdom and guidance I received was new it made complete sense. I had an insight into why I was so fearful, I had energetic connections to that experience many lifetimes later yet I could break the pattern. Phew, this junk had been bugging me for lifetimes!

If the idea of an Akashic Record Reading excites you then here are 5 Good Reasons to go for it…

  1. Discover The Origin Of Your Soul
  2. Re-connect With Your Energy Centre Of Training
  3. Release Any Contract No Longer Serving You
  4. Heal Past Traumas From Past Lives
  5. Move Into Alignment With Your Soul Purpose

For many folks just one of the above is enough of a reason but with a Soul Realignment Session all the above can be offered. It can be life changing to know who you are at soul level and to have soul level healing. Blocks can be cleared, clarity can be achieved and energetic junk can be ditched for good.

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6 thoughts on “5 Good Reasons To Have An Akashic Record Reading

  • Hi Eleanor,

    When I saw this post on the 31 Day Challenge, I had to read it because just last night, I had a dream but Akashic record. I had heard about it a while back and found it interesting why it came up.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Sounds good, Eleanor! Is that what you do? How much does it cost?

    I have heard of it before and I think I tried to do a guided meditation once that involved picturing an ancient library with a huge book on the table. But I don’t remember what I got out of that, if anything.

    • Hi Jeanine,
      Yes I do along with success coaching for women. I have messaged you via facebook with details for a reading. If you have a reading
      then I will enter your record and work with the Akashic guides on receiving your soul history, origination and any clearing of blocks that
      can be done,

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