March 2, 2011


Hi I’m Eleanor, the intuitive CEO of Energy Inspired Living.

EIL was created by me to offer women the exciting opportunity to merge spirituality with practicality. It fills me with excitement to work with women who have their feet on the ground yet want to explore the expansive parts of themselves to accelerate their journey to success.
I am a certified Spiritual Life Coach, a Reiki Practitioner and a Bio-energy Facilitator. I began my journey into the spiritual slowly throughout my childhood then in 2000 I began a course in Bio-Energy healing which transformed my life literally overnight. Michael D’alton, my teacher put everything into words I could understand relating to the energy system and how we can tap in and regenerate and revitalise our bodies and minds.

Energy Inspired Living Will…

  • Inspire you to develop and follow your intuition
  • Develop confidence in your worth and blow your own trumpet
  • Connect with the all knowing part of you and guide you in life and business
  • Merge spirituality and practicality to accelerate and lighten up your journey to success
  • Help you to manage your energy better to get done what feels like the impossible
  • Help you turn those big ideas you have into reality
  • Help you listen, truly listen to your guidance and develop a winning relationship with your Inner CEO

Who I work with…

  • I work with women (and the occassional man) who are ready to step into their power on the planet and go for what they desire.
  • Women who are committed to connecting to the bigger part of themselves and developing a spiritual, yet practical tool box to pull from.
  • Women who are full of passionate ideas yet lack the confidence to put them out there.
  • Women who feel there is a bit more to us than just the physical.
  • Women who see others successful and want just that.
  • Women who want to understand how to attract their desires by becoming deliberate creators (getting into the driving seat of their lives).
  • Women who are ready to take responsibility for their success.

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