May 30, 2011

Akashic Record Readings

Soul Realignment

Do you feel you are ready to know who you truly are at soul level?
Are you being guided to living your soul purpose?
Do you feel you are doing everything to manifest your desires yet are still stuck?
Would you like to fully connect with your higher self and guides?
Are you struggling with a negative mindset and unable to move into a more positive one?

If you are saying ‘Yes’ then I can help you by accessing your Akashic Record and identify what is holding you back and work with your higher self and spirit guides to clear the blocks in your soul record which are no longer serving you in this present lifetime.
With a soul realignment session I can help you with

Understanding Who You Are At Soul Level

We all have a soul history and origin. From a soul realignment session you will gain clarity on your soul group of origin, your divine gifts and purpose and training you undertake between lives. If you have been asking for clarity on those issues then a session with me will give you the answers you are looking for.

Clearing Blocks and Restrictions Present

While on our Soul journeys we can, through relationships with others create situations which do not serve us. Those situations can and do create blocks to our growth and spiritual development. By having a trained professional clear the blocks then significant shifts take place which allow room for growth.

Any Past Life Contracts No Longer Serving You

We all have past lifetimes in which we have entered into contracts with others which have created energetic bonds which have carried over into future lifetimes. Those energetic attachments and imprints do not always serve us and in many cases actually hinder our growth here on earth and can manifest itself in many ways such at limiting thought patterns and beliefs. Work within the records can release those bonds and attachments.


Throughout your previous lifetimes you may have entered into negative situations which have left an energetic imprint. This can be hindering your growth on the physical plane no matter how hard you try to move forward. An indicator of this in the Akashic Records is unjustified karma. You may have perceived yourself to have caused harm in some way and held onto the energy of the situation at soul level. This can be cleared with the help of your higher self and spirit guides.

Negative Emotions keeping you stuck

I am able to tune into any negative emotions you have running in your unconscious mind that are keeping you stuck and repeating old patterns and behaviours. This is very powerful work as we will work together to release those emotions quickly and effectively.

Past Life Issues

For many of us past lives can still be having an impact on us today. From accessing your record I can find out if there is anything from your past lifetimes which can be cleared. Not only does this help you step into your power in this lifetime it can validate for you your feelings and thoughts that have been holding you back. You may have had a strong feeling of fear around success in this lifetime and no matter how many affirmations, meditations and other personal growth tools you have tried you still feel stuck is more than likely to originate from a past life situation which has created energy of a low vibration. This energy can be cleared with a soul realignment session.

I personally had issues which kept coming up for me in my journey to becoming a Spiritual Life Coach and fine tuning my intuitive abilities. I had worked extensively on myself using energy management and healing techniques which proved to be magical in helping me shift lots of stuck energy around becoming successful in what I felt I was called to do. I did a lot of the inner and outer work however there was something still holding me back I then had a soul realignment session which accelerated my growth. It didn’t happen overnight yet I was definitely aware of a huge shift in my energy.

A Soul Realignment session was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I did have blocks and restrictions at soul level which were affecting me until Andrea Hess lovingly read my Akashic Records and cleared energetic blocks and restrictions in my soul record.

I now feel in alignment with who I truly am at Soul level, have more clarity and live my purpose with joy.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the energetic database of information of all souls of all time. The word ‘Akashic’ comes from Sanskrit meaning ‘ether’. Many previous civilizations are known to have accessed the records for information and guidance. The ancient Egyptians being only one. The records are also known as the ‘book of life’.

“My Akashic record reading by Eleanor Ross was quite amazing and utterly fascinating. She gave me a lot of information about my soul group, which really felt right and made me very happy. When she told me about several past lives and some unresolved issues with them, her information verified what other sources had touched on. In fact the prediction was that the issues would be cleared up, and Eleanor did just that. After the reading I felt relieved and as if a burden had been lifted. I look forward to doing more work with her and highly recommend her services.”
—Jeannette Koczela, Empowered Spirit Coaching

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