August 29, 2011


1. Why do you need my date of birth?

I need your date of birth, name at birth and the name you use currently to ensure I am given access to the correct record. Any information I receive from you is held in the strictest confidence.

2. What is Soul Realignment?

Soul Realignment is a specific, structured modality from Andrea Hess. I enter your Akashic Record intuitively (psychically) which is the energetic database of each and every soul journey through space and time. By working with the Soul Realignment modality I find out which soul group you belong to and access any blocks and restrictions in your soul history. There is a healing and a clearing given with the consent of your higher self.

3. Where are you? Do I have to come to you?

I am currently living in the United Kingdom. I offer readings to people from all over the world. This is done via telephone or Skype.

4. How long does a reading take?

For me it can take up to 3hours to put together a full soul history for clients however, when I am with a client we spend around 1 hour on the telephone or Skype.

5. Do you record readings?

Yes I do. I use recording software for Skype which I find very reliable. In the case of technological problems I would offer a written reading. I also have a recording so I am aware if the recording has failed. If the use of Skype is unavailable I will call you via landline although I prefer to use Skype for better sound quality, particularly for people outwith the UK.

6. How do I book a reading?

If you go to this page then you will be able to book easily through my website.

7. How do I pay for a reading?

I ask that clients pay using PayPal. You can use this whether you have a PayPal account or not. It’s secure and effective.

8. Do you read for children?

Yes I do. It can be a great way of getting to know your child in a deeper, more meaningful way, particularly for children with learning difficulties such as autism, adhd and similar.

9. Can you predict my future?

I can give you possibilities however I do not predict the future for you. This is because we are always able to change the course of our lives in a matter of seconds. We all use our free will to go about our own lives in whatever way we choose. When I am working with you and your record I will be in contact with your higher self and or spirit guides. Your higher self and spirit guides will offer wisdom for you on how to become more of a match for what you want to come into your life or give you guidance on how to create something. There is no one ‘up there or out there’ who can manipulate your course of action; you create your own reality through choices and the actions you take. This can be discussed further in a reading.

10. What if I don’t believe all this stuff?

I have done readings for clients who were not sure of what they believed and they were very surprised at the accuracy of their reading however it can be difficult if someone is completely sceptical. I put in my time and energy for a reading and do not wish to spend one hour trying to convince another of the spiritual nature of our existence.

11. What is your refund policy?

I will offer you various time slots from which you choose one. I will call you at the given time for your reading. I will call once, then once gain in a few minutes if you are not there. If you are unavailable I charge $30 USD to re-book as I have no way of booking another within your appointed time. I can be very busy at times and I am sure you can appreciate that. I do not offer full refunds as at the time of your booking and payment I then go ahead and spend a lot of time in your record compiling your soul history and realignment reading.