Are You Harnessing The Energy Of Success

This is a question I ask clients frequently when they come to me for support and guidance in creating the success they desire. One of the fundamental things we must do is work on ourselves from the inside. We must understand the energy of what it is we desire. We can do that be first experiencing the energy, getting to know how it feels inside us. This raises our energetic vibration to match that which we desire.

Let’s say you want to attract money into your life then you must be clear on how much money you want and how that money will make you feel. Will it bring more joy or more freedom? Get into the essence of the feeling. Allow the feeling to enter your body flowing in and around you. Get acquainted with the new energies that are now part of you. Take some time to bask in them then using pictures in your imagination picture the thing you want or a symbol of the thing you want and turn on your inner magnet.

Inner Magnet

Your inner magnet is constantly turned on in the form of your vibration. You are constantly vibrating and constantly attracting. Although you are always vibrating you may not be vibrating at a level that is attracting what you want so you want to be aware of the energy you are putting out there. A good question to ask yourself is ‘Where is my magnet pointing?’ Is it towards what I want or away from what I want? This little exercise can be a godsend when harnessing the energy of success.
What would success look and feel like to you? Try to get the whole picture, the vision. Write everything down and start to feel the energy of every different thing you desire. It could be money, a new relationship, help in your business or clients. Whatever it is use your imagination and turn on your magnet, Have fun!

Wishing You Inspiration, Always!

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