Success Loves Company

Have you noticed how our success is less of a lonely journey with company?  Success just loves sharing however small. It loves conversation particularly with those who have achieved what you want to achieve. It loves a bringing together of minds, share your knowledge and receive it. It loves showing up as a leader, step[…]


The law of Thinking

Thinking, something each and every one of us does.  Our attention, focused on our mental attitudes will give us the predominant factor in our actions, direction and experience.  If our attitudes are optimistic, open and broad then our foremost mental state will exhibit a highly advancing and progressive nature. Our daily acts from our personality[…]

The Secrets of The Akashic Records

My clients have given me permission to enter their Akashic Record for many different reasons.  Some of them are curious or have a nudging to delve into their soul group of origin.  They feel they embody specific characteristics or feel drawn to others of a specific group.  Some clients are drawn to look into their past lives, many have had insights into past lives and are truly surprised at the accuracy of their record.

Connecting With Your Spirit Guides Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of connecting with your Spirit Guides. This article will give you some really effective techniques for developing the clairs, clearing stuck energies and receiving clear guidance when you need it…Guidance on tap! I’d like to begin with exercises to strengthen your predominant or preferred clair. Let’s take a look at claircognizant, including empaths as an empath can be seen as a seperate type.  Part 1 and Part 2 can be found here.

Feel Like I'm From Another Planet

This post is inspired by my 7 year old son, Lachlan.  He reminds me of how children are living by their inner guidance so much of the time.  In our world spirituality and personal development are just who we are.  However, many people around us, particularly family think we are from another planet!  Well, we are of course, my little one is (Mintakan).  Do I agree with them?  Absolutely!  Do I tell them that?  No, but Lachlan does.  He tells everyone he meets with great pride then proceeds to ask them their Soul group of origination.