Can Twitter Really Do This?

Twitter, tweeting, tweetadder, tweepi, retweeting, hashtags, I could go on but I’ll stop there before I fall into a zoned out state of fear!  We all know when running a business we have to know a bit about business.   Systems, marketing, social media, our customers, ourselves and our goals and vision to name just a few.  For a long time I was seduced by the idea that we can run a business on our intuition only.  Come up with a great idea, visualise it, feel it, imagine our clients paying us, bring in our guides etc etc.  All great!  It’s so wondrous to have a grounding spiritual practice which supports and nurtures us, even more wondrous to ask how to become competent and confident with business skills.

Throughout my spiritual journey I have uncovered and released many unconscious patterns, beliefs and decisions nearly all with the never ending support of my higher self replacing those patterns, beliefs and decisons with empowering and creative ones.

Just yesterday I was ready to set up a system on Twitter…..I can do this, not a problem, how hard can it be?……  My conscious mind was rearing to go then WHAM up they came ‘I can’t do this,the sight of a spreadsheet freaks me out, this is too difficult, I don’t understand technology’  blah blah blah.

Just when you think you’ve got rid of the I cant’s, it’s too difficult and the what the…?  Up they come again.  Now, I know we will always have stuff, we’re alive aren’t we?  We’re emotional, we will always feel but Twitter whacking me on my unconscious head and showing me exactly what I do when I feel fear was interesting.

All I can say is ‘Thank You Twitter’ and here’s to more and more stuff showing up.  Life would be pretty dull without it!


Eleanor and her new tweeting skills 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Can Twitter Really Do This?

  • I hear you on this one Eleanor…

    It took me a while to get over the visualizing stage alone (I still believe it’s possible to create anything that way if you’re really dedicated and total in it)…

    These days I’ve resigned myself to a reality of studying and working to create a framework through which my intended manifestations can appear.

    It’s not the journey I was expecting (and thank goodness for that!). And it’s interesting to see how our spiritual paths can lead as through the most unlikely of places…

    • Hi Jym

      I agree it can be done. For me, the excitement of learning new techniques to create inspirations that lead to action is incredible.
      Enjoy your journey,


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