The law of Thinking

Thinking, something each and every one of us does.  Our attention, focused on our mental attitudes will give us the predominant factor in our actions, direction and experience.  If our attitudes are optimistic, open and broad then our foremost mental state will exhibit a highly advancing and progressive nature. Our daily acts from our personality[…]

Take A Little Time

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How much time do you spend on you?  When I say you, I mean the inner you.  I’m not talking having a facial or nails or a great new hairstyle, I’m talking about your energy, your mindset and your purpose.  One of my mentors, Shelby Collinge asked this question in one of her audio teachings and it really got me thinking.

Is Your Believability Factor Stunting Your Mindset For Success?

Inspired By Gina Bell

How high is your believability factor and does it accelerate your mindset for success or stunt it?  This is something I ask clients when they come to me for coaching.  Before we can truly be of service to others we have to have a deep belief in ourselves and what we do.  Until then it may become a game of convincing prospective clients rather than attracting ideal clients to us naturally.

Are You Aware Of The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind?

When discussing the concept of  a mindset for success I hear a lot of talk on shifting beliefs.  By shifting beliefs I mean changing our beliefs from those which disempower us to those that empower.  You know the ones,

  • ‘I’m not good enough’
  • ‘I don’t know enough’
  • ‘I don’t have the time’
  • ‘I don’t have enough money’
  • ‘Who am I to think…?’