What Is Higher Self?


Lord Mahaveer

Image via Wikiped

Our higher self is the part of us that is timeless. It is the part of us that knows everything there is to know from this lifetime and all others.  It is also known as the soul or spirit.  Our higher self can offer us guidance as and when we require it.  It is the total sum of us, our consciousness which exists within us and in the ether.  It knows the reasons for our incarnations, the challenges and experiences we desire while on the earth.  It holds the keys to many of the questions we have while in physical form.  It is you!


Your Soul Purpose

Aah, our soul purpose, how elusive it can be for most of us and yet one of the most empowering and spiritual experience we can tap into.  For a couple of years now I have been fascinated by the soul journey and how it affects us in our present incarnation.  When I say affects I’m going for the positive and the negative, the highs the lows, the aah ha’s and the confusion.