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kosmic blogging in samsara

Image by ~C4Chaos via Flickr

I think we’ve all been there, that feeling when you think you are the only one feeling the way you do. It might be a day where you can’t seem to find inspiration, you don’t have a blog post in or anywhere near your head. You may be feeling that you are moving away from old friends as your life moves in a different direction.You’re telling them of the lifestyle you want, the abundance, the latest technologies, awesome wordpress plugins or the social media groups you’ve joined and they’re looking at you like you’ve just told a story in Russian…backwards 🙂

Does Your Soul Shine Through Your Business?

This is something I ponder quite a lot in my work. Do my soul gifts shine through when I am Eleanor in business? What is the soul of my business? Well I like to become what it is I want to achieve in life so I get really really clear. I have a clear idea of how I want my business to look and feel to me. I know how many hours I want to work, I know who my clients are and where to find them. I know what it is I offer and what I don’t. […]