Connecting With Your Spirit Guides Part 1

Our Spirit guides are becoming more and more part of our daily lives due to the shift in consciousness on our planet and the numbers of us asking for guidance.  They are excited at the prospect of offering divine guidance and support to the souls on our planet today.

A message from one of my guides

Now is the time, more than any other on our planet for you to be shifting yourselves into a state of allowing.  Allowing the energies of the divine to fill you with light and love, to expand your awareness of who you truly are.  You are infinite beings, encompassing everything within your universe and more in your physical bodies.  You are vibrating at a rate which will re-connect you with your soul essence and soul level memories.  You are now knowing yourselves as journey takers, there is no end, there is no beginning, there is only the journey.  From your journey comes with it the experiences, the experiences from which to reflect upon, to expand and grow from.  We feel what you are experiencing from your emotional output, from your intentions and your desires.  We tell you we are here to assist you on your journeys, we send love when you ask for it, we guide you when you ask for it and we know of no bounds for you in your possibilities.  Call on us, we hear you,


We all have Spirit Guides, we have varying numbers of them but we usually have between 4 and 7 in our inner circle of guides.  Most clients I work with have around between 4 and 5.  We incarnate with a guide from birth who supports and guides us through childhood then other guides from our team join us from late childhood, adolescence and early adulthood.  There is no one size fits all in Spirit Guide teams.  Guides offer guidance and support in many life areas.  From my work with my guides I have been told some  guides have had at least one incarnation here on earth although many have not.

How To Connect With Your Guides

I always advise clients to first set the intention of connecting with their guides, ask for them to come into your experience.  I also tell people to ask for high level guides as there are entities who will try to influence us and can be mistaken for high level guidance.  A high level guide will give us a thought, feeling, smell, vision or a knowing that creates a feeling of joy and will feel uplifting.  A change in breathing is quite common as is a twitch of limbs.  If you feel anything which causes you to feel uncomfortable or frightened then you can ask them to leave, clear your energy field and begin again.  When you have experienced high level guidance you will learn to discern between low and high level energies.

Create Space

Set aside a space in your home, it could be your meditation space, for connecting with your guides.  In the beginning I recommend trying to connect around the same time every day.  I do this every morning (well, most mornings) before I even get out of bed.  I ask for guidance and support on different things, it could be help with my business or a family issue, I have even asked for an uplifting message to remind myself I am not alone.  As I work from home as a solo entrepreneur it can get quite lonely at times and knowing my guides are around is a true blessing.


Have your focus on meeting your guide.  Get yourself into a relaxed state and let go of any outcome and allow your thoughts to pass through you easily.  Do not judge or monitor them just let them appear then go.  If you find yourself wandering then you can bring your focus back to connecting and meeting your guide.  Stay in this state for around 5 minutes or until you feel you can hold the focus.  You may have to practice this for a while before connecting, that’s fine.  When you feel you can spend 5 minutes or so focused then ask for an impulse from your guides.  This impulse may be something you have experienced before, it can be a tingling, a deep knowing, a smell, even a vision.  It is also very common for breathing to change due to your energy vibration lightening and your guides using their energy to communicate with you.


One way of making sense of the impulses you receive is writing things down.  Begin to journal your experiences, even if it is of the impulses you receive in the beginning and any insights or ideas which pop in.  As you spend more time with your guides you will be able to create meaningful action and states of being from your guides’ guidance.

In part 2 I will show you how guides can help us in specific ways.

If you are interested in developing your connection with your guides further then I recommend my Spirit Guides Coaching 

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