Connecting With Your Spirit Guides Part 2

In my last post (Part 1) I shared with you some simple techniques for connecting with your Spirit Guides and receiving guidance.  Today I’d like to share some of the things our guides do and don’t help us with and the different intuitive types.
You can find part 1 here

What our guides help us with

You may have an idea forming in your head around something you would like to accomplish.  It could be something you want to create from scratch, let’s say you have a business idea, you feel you have something to offer to the world yet you are unsure of where to start.  You would first set the intention of connecting with your high level guides (we want high level guidance).  You can call in your Spirit Guides with a simple phrase such as ‘I intend to connect with my high level guides ‘, and ask for an impulse then begin with your questions.

Questions such as

What would be a good next step for me regarding…..?

Is there anything I would benefit from learning at this time regarding….?

How can I expand my knowledge about…..?

Not questions such as

Should I?

Will I meet my soul mate within 3 weeks?

Could I have…….?

You may have a specific goal in mind such as I would like to manifest __ amount of money within the next month.  You can ask your guides to give you the impulse when an opportunity arrives or a creative idea you have would move you into alignment with your goal.

Remember you don’t have to be aware of how things will manifest for you but being open to the guidance and impulses will serve you tremendously.  The universe will always surprise you so try not to be too attached to certain actions or places where you ‘think’ the money or whatever will come from.

The impulses

Everyone has different impulses from their guides.   If you are aware of your intuitive type then you will recognise the impulses easily.  This comes with practice so relax and move at your own pace.  This is something I help clients with in my Spirit Guide Coaching course.

Let’s look at the different intuitive types and what impulses they receive


Clairvoyance is the ability of clear seeing.  It is an intuitive gift where information is seen in the mind’s eye.  I have met people who see with their physical eyes however it is more commonly seeing with the mind’s eye.  This is not the most common of the types and it can be quite difficult to interpret.  The images can come in symbols for example, which then have to be interpreted by the intuitive.  If your are clairvoyant and are receiving images then you may have to ask for more information and guidance from your guides on how to interpret them.

I do, when reading the akashic records receive visuals from my guides, usually on clients’ past lives.  I feel this is a gift from Spirit which helps me offer more information in my readings rather than picking up on the energy of the past life only.  The images come then the feeling which again enables me to gather enough data to give precises readings.


Clairsentient is the gift of clear feeling.  This will show up in ways such as feeling the energy from a room very easily.  Is there joy and laughter or sadnes and pain?  Empaths are clairsentient, they pick up feelings and energy quickly.  When connecting with your guides, if you feel a constant physical sensation such as tingling then you are probably clairsentient.  When I am working with my guides and giving readings I will feel a tingling around the crown of my head and from one particular guide, a tingling around my heart area which moves up to my neck and chin.


Clair audience is the gift of clear hearing.  People with this gift are likely to find too much noise very distracting and uncomfortable.  Their guides and helpers will offer them guidance with a voice, a voice which is different to that of regular mind chatter.  I have had insights into clairaudience occasionally even though it is not my primary gift of receiving information from Spirit.  I have experienced ringing in my ears which was a nudge to follow my intuition.  If you feel this is you, then take time to ask your questions and listen for the answer.


Clearcognizant is clear knowing.  This gift is expressed as a knowing of things without ‘knowing’ how.  Solutions to problems can just pop into your head, you may be given blocks of thought which you can then translate into practical solutions.  You may find yourself coming up with inspiring ideas, this is a great time to ask for more guidance on the idea.  Many kids who have answers for everything are usually claircognizant, my 7 year old is one, it’s very interesting to observe, he tells me he ‘just knows’  things regularly.

No gift is more powerful than the other they differ but the guidance can be translated into clear, practical wisdom when you are aware of your intuitive gifts and develop them.

What your guides won’t do

Your Spirit Guides will never ever tell you what to do.  They will offer guidance to you in a way which leaves you with your free will here on earth.

They will never encourage you to give up your responsibility in your own life.  They will encourage you to find solutions and a better way of doing things.

They will not predict your future.  A trained intuitive can work with your guides and ask about probabilities of certain outcomes relating to your soul plan.

Your guides will not cause you to feel threatened or frightened.  They are loving beings who are with you to assist you in your development and living your purpose.  If you feel you have done something wrong or made a bad choice they will not wish to remind you of this, only guide you to a better path.

In part 3 I will guide you on how best to allow the energy of your guides into your physical body and receive guidance more clearly according to your intuitive type.

10 thoughts on “Connecting With Your Spirit Guides Part 2

  • Hi Eleanor,

    I am enjoying this series. Picking up so much new and interesting information.

    I might be Claircognizant on some level. Sometimes I just know stuff. I can’t explain the source of knowing. Maybe I’ve simply removed a blockage and am tapping into Source, but the sense of instant knowing does seem to be consistent with clear knowing. It’s quite crystal clear, and it seems to “come out of nowhere.”

    Sometimes I go on an inspirational tear after these moments. I wrote some 300 of my inspirational quotes in a few hours after one such session. All of these ideas hit me, and it was as if I was on auto-pilot. I tapped into wisdom, but it wasn’t me writing. I just started pouring out quotes and kept going.

    Thanks for sharing your insight with us!


    • Hi Ryan,
      Just knowing stuff is definitely claircognizant. It’s truly a wonderful gift to be given wisdom and information this way and it sounds
      like you are skilled in channelling the wisdom you receive. Have fun with it, I know I am.
      Have a creative day Ryan,

  • Hi Eleanor,
    I work with my Spirit Guides and encourage my clients to work with theirs. I’m loving your series as I think this is important information that everyone needs.

    • Hi Lia,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, it’s appreciated! I agree that this information is much needed and I feel more people are asking for it,

  • Great content, Eleanor. I seem to have a combination myself, I’ve found of the clair’s. I see that in people I mentor too. Some people have the hardest time with claircognizance, wanting to know how they received the information or guidance. I smile ’cause that is my favorite 🙂 Everyone’s intuition works differently. It’s great that you’re educating others about this. It is one of my favorite subjects to read about and write about 🙂

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thank you. I agree that claircognizance can be the most challenging of the clairs. That ‘just knowing’ and ‘not knowing’ how or why can be tough for some folks.
      My 7 year old is always telling me he ‘just knows’ stuff which is fascinating to observe…he has just acquired a crystal ball and wants to develop his clairvoyance,
      watch this space 🙂
      Have a good weekend

    • Hi Jeanine,
      I can imagine how tricky it could be being clairaudient and having a noisy son. That made me giggle at the thought of it,
      I appreciate you stopping by and commenting,

  • Hi Eleanor,
    I love your series!
    I definitely am a claircognizant but I have noticed that I’m developing my abilities in clairvoyance. I was surprised by that. Sometimes I pick up things that are going on in a neighbor’s head. It took me awhile to know that was going on!

    • Thank you Sherrie,
      I’ve really enjoyed writing this series. I feel that when we are aware of our primary clair we then go onto develop another with the help of Spirit. My clairvoyance
      is a bit like having a big movie screen in my head! Wonderful to hear about your experiences Sherrie,
      Have a great day,

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