Connecting With Your Spirit Guides Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of connecting with your Spirit Guides. This article will give you some really effective techniques for developing the clairs, clearing stuck energies and receiving clear guidance when you need it…Guidance on tap! I’d like to begin with exercises to strengthen your predominant or preferred clair. Let’s take a look at claircognizant, including empaths as an empath can be seen as a seperate type.  Part 1 and Part 2 can be found here.


Claircognizant is the gift of clear knowing. People with this gift are usually highly skilled in understanding difficult concepts such as scientific and mathematic. They like to analyze and ‘get’ the logic of specific actions and solutions. The way of receiving information is in blocks of thought, you may have heard it referred to as ‘downloads’ of information. The skill here is translating the information given.
Developing clairgognizance
To develop clear knowing, try automatic writing. You can begin by asking simple questions after connecting with your guides. At this stage try not to get too hung up on whether you have felt the impulse or not, (this can take time) just let yourself write. It may not make much sense at first however as you practice this your guides will energetically give you information which you can physically translate with the aid of a pen or pencil. Many channellers began using this method in the beginning of their practice.
Silent meditation is a really good way of developing claircognizance. Set the intention of developing it before your meditation begins. You can imagine guidance flowing through you as you meditate, and again write down anything you feel has meaning.

Clairvoyannce  is the gift of clear seeing. It is an assumption that all intuitives and psychics are clairvoyant however this is not the case. In the days of psychics putting themselves out there as fortune tellers claiming to ‘see’ things such as future partners or a new job has strengthened this idea. I prefer the term ‘High level psychic’ which relates to those of us who channel high level guidance such as our higher selves, high level spirit guides or high level streams of consciousness. High level psychics create,not predict the future! Any limiting beliefs stemming from old and stuck emotions will hinder the ability to receive guidance and be a clear channel.


To develop this clair try the technique of scrying. This is looking into something such as a crystal ball or running water in a stream. This can develop this ‘muscle’ if you like. You may find with regular practice you see movies in your mind’s eye or you have visions of symbols, guides and even see future events. I seem to use this clair primarily when I am given information on a client’s past life from the Akashic Record Guides which also comes with a strong feeling of what has occurred and emotions of my client. You can also ask your guides to give a vision to you as a visual aid to a problem.

Third Eye Sight
Another technique is developing your third eye sight. Try meditating silently for around 20 minutes focusing on your third eye. An effective way of doing this is to look upwards with your eyes closed to the space between your eyebrows. You want to get a clear vision of your third eye. This will come with practice.
Clair sentience is the gift of clear feeling. Empaths are clairsentient. However, some empaths are feeling other people’s feelings and emotions on a subconscious level from the other person’s subconscious. They will say things like ‘Why do I feel ____ from you?’ or ‘I’m feeling _____ from so and so’. This is an indicator that the empath has similar energies within them. If you feel you are picking up on others’ emotions and energies then you can begin working on releasing unconscious emotions with the help of your higher self. Without the release of old and stuck emotions then you will be picking up on lower level energies of a similar vibration and we are looking to be working with high level energies here.

Developing clairsentience

Tune In
A good exercise is to sit quietly and tune into your own body. What can you feel inside your body? Where can you feel it? Does it have a shape or a colour? Start at your head and work your way down noticing what you notice. Then ask your higher self to release any emotions, thoughts and feelings which are not your own. Ask for any unconscious beliefs no longer serving your highest good to to be transmuted and released. This can be done with the help of your higher self working directly with your unconscious.

You could try psychometry. Pick up an object, jewellery is usually good for this exercise. Feel the object in your hands, how does it feel to you? Now, take it a bit deeper. What can you feel from the object? You may feel the energies of the person who has worn the jewellery. A lot of information can be received this way.
Clairaudience is clear hearing. Try listening to the noises surrounding you when there is no distracting background noise such as radio or tv. Notice every sound, it could be the wind, the traffic or birds singing.
You can try asking your guides questions and letting them know you wish to hear their guidance with your inner ear while in a quiet, relaxed state.
Your Spirit Guides are excited and eager to offer guidance however it becomes much easier if you are aware of emotions which remain stuck in your energy and subconscious. Those emotions can be released with some simple techniques.
Higher Self Help
Take a pad of paper and write down the beliefs you feel are holding you back in some way. Examples are ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘I can’t do ___’ ‘It’s not possible to_____’ If you find you have a tough time knowing exactly what the beliefs are then think of things which make you angry, sad or hurt. How do you feel when you think of those things or situations? Write it down. This will help you articulate the beliefs from the conscious mind. You can now move into a quiet and relaxed state and request that your higher self work with your unconscious mind to release those beliefs.
Spirit Guide Help
Ask your guides when you have set the intention to connect with them to give you guidance on how best to remove and release any unconscious beliefs you hold onto which are no longer serving you. You may be guided to repeat affirmations which will temporarily change your state and expanding your awareness. From here you may be inspired to do or create something which caused you fear in the past. My guides have encouraged me to do this in the past and it helped me move forward more easily.
Remember your guides have huge love for you and will offer guidance regardless of whether you follow it or not. They can help you release struggle and overwhelm, allow more joy and love into your life and guide you to living your higher purpose.

If you feel you would like to release the struggle and overwhelm in your life and communicate with your guides then book your Spirit Guide Coaching, a 6 week intensive on

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