Developing A Relationship With Your Inner CEO

Your Inner CEO, can you imagine just how amazing it would be to have a CEO who you can trust completely, who you can turn to in any crisis and who only has your success as priority?  Well, you do already have one it’s sitting right inside you, all around you, it is you!

In this age of technology it seems that many of us are looking outside of ourselves for the information we need (or think we need) rather than tapping into our own all knowing selves.  That quiet part of us, that inner voice who knows exactly what we can be doing and who we can be speaking to to become successful is just waiting for you to dive in and ask for help.  We women are very astute when it comes to our feelings yet we miss out by forgetting we can use this  gift in our businesses.

The information we need is constantly trickling through yet with such busy lives it’s all too easy to miss.  I recommend spending 15 minutes, twice a day getting quiet and setting the intention of connecting with your Inner CEO.  Give him or her a name, get acquainted and let the relationship flourish.  Just like any new relationship it takes time to get to know each other, to recognise each others strengths and weaknesses, the same goes for you and your Inner CEO.

Before long you two will be having long conversations with each other.  You may find yourself busy with something and his or her voice will pop up with a great idea! When that happens, pay attention, write it down and ask for further guidance during your next quiet time.  Many many great businesses have been born this way, huge successes have been documented, some not but all the same your gift from the universe can lead you to an extraordinary life!  Have fun!

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