Does Your Intuition Bring Out The Heroine Within?

The million dollar question is right there. We all have intuition, we all have those hunches or flashes of insight however not all of us act upon it. To live a life totally guided by intuition is like mountaineering without a map or a good idea of weather conditions….IN THE BEGINNING. I’ve mentioned before how it is wise and kind on yourself to take small steps in the beginning and not to switch off the left brain. Intuition is something to develop and cultivate, to embrace and explore at a pace comfortable for you.

Let’s jump forward a bit, you have been moving into a more intuitive way of living, you recognise the hunches and insights, maybe even studied with a teacher or mentor and yet you are still unsure and talking yourself out of following your hunches.
I’ve been there and it is very uncomfortable, irritating and disempowering. One of the keys to living a more intuitive life is to begin to trust, trust yourself and trust your guidance. We can all develop our gift yet how many of us actually take the leap and follow our gut? The true heroine does exactly that, she takes a leap of faith and ventures into the world of divine guidance.

So many times I have listened to people who are just too scared to go with it and in hindsight realise how right their hunch was. Do I live a fully intuitive life, short answer…No. I do find myself allowing my rational brain to take over and talking me out of things however I pull myself back in and tap into my guidance once again and reconnect. This was the experience that led me to writing this post on intuition, I had begun to follow it less and less over the last few weeks. I had become caught up in a fear based reality as I was moving into a new phase in my life and in my business. As a result I was as stuck as a bee in a jar of sticky honey. Glad to say I’m now moving forward and unleashing my inner heroine. My next step in my business will be revealed soon with courage.

So, let your intuition be your guide, take your time, small steps, find a teacher and like minded folks and become an inspiration to those around you,
Be inspired and inspire,

2 thoughts on “Does Your Intuition Bring Out The Heroine Within?

  • I use my Inituition far more these days. I find it acute when there is trouble ahead. That sense that someone is going to come at me with a problem.
    I’m still cautious though. A few years ago I let things a bit wildly loose with perceived intuition and got myself in a financial mess. Truth is I conned myself a little and switched off some of the warnings.
    Interesting read. Thanks.

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