Energy Management for The Holidays


This is the time of year where everyone asks the same question of each other. (Well in the UK anyway!) ‘Are you organised for christmas ?’ Apparently the goal is to be organised. The prezzies, the food, the decorations, the invites and the stresses. Stay organised regardless if you are running around frazzled, burnt out, resentful, peed off, too busy and doing everything yourself.

Organised doesn’t cut it for me, what does though, is managing my energy.

I don’t know about you but I just couldn’t wake up, dread what I had to do throughout the day and drag myself kicking and screaming to get it done. I have seen so many people lugging around heavy shopping bags giving each other that look that says it all, ‘Omg, here I am doing it all again!’

The energy of christmas is about love, about family, about sharing and enjoying ourselves. It is about being good to ourselves as well as those we love and care about. So, how do we do that?

Remember and tap into what the holiday season is about

Ask for help when you need it

Say ‘No’ when you feel you want to

Remember it’s not about what you do, it’s how you feel about what you do that matters

Look after yourself…eat well, rest well and still do the things you enjoy…make the time for you

Enjoy yourself, the holidays are all about fun fun and more fun

Spend the holidays with who you enjoy being around, if that’s not possible stay in the present, forget the past

Manage that energy the best you can 🙂



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