Feel Like I'm From Another Planet

This post is inspired by my 7 year old son, Lachlan.  He reminds me of how children are living by their inner guidance so much of the time.  In our world spirituality and personal development are just who we are.  However, many people around us, particularly family think we are from another planet!  Well, we are of course, my little one is (Mintakan).  Do I agree with them?  Absolutely!  Do I tell them that?  No, but Lachlan does.  He tells everyone he meets with great pride then proceeds to ask them their Soul group of origination.

Sometimes I can feel myself cringing as I can feel the reaction before it surfaces from people, some days I’m so uplifted and in the place of Be ing my authentic self that I merely observe the reaction.  Then the conversations begin between Lachlan and I when we get home.  I explain to him that not everyone understands that our souls are infinite, that we have, and can exist in different forms, not only on planet Earth but elsewhere in our universe.  Not everyone believes they have experienced past lives or that they are beaming, gleaming balls of energy.  His reaction?  Mummy how don’t they know that?  I know I was your Daddy in a past life, I liked that life and I’m sure I’m going to visit another planet soon, maybe I could ask them if they’d like to come too!  So sweet don’t you think?  Then again another conversation looms.  ‘Not everyone feels the same way lachlan.’

I really don’t want him to ever feel  he can’t be himself.  Neither do I want him to be so different from classmates and friends. I’m very protective.

His latest musings are around manifesting.  He’s asked me to find a book on magic spells so he can manifest every single Lego City set on the planet with an extra room just to house all this Lego!  Another conversation, none of the ‘You can’t have everything you want’, or ‘ There’s no money for Lego’. Reminders from childhood anyone?  I told him I’d get back to him….Oh God, help me I thought, tell me how to help him on this one.  A couple of hours later I opened an email and found this  http://www.missingsecrettoparenting.com  A wonderful resource for parents who want to encourage their children to live more consciously and understand their child’s  behaviour and needs.

So, my next lesson is on manifesting.  If I can explain the energetics behind it and the art of taking action to a 7 year old then maybe I can follow my own guidance and manifest more of what I want.

I’d love to hear your views on this folks.  How do you guide your children to being true to themselves when friends and family live so differently to you do?

I’m excited to learn more from this beautiful Soul Lachlan.

2 thoughts on “Feel Like I'm From Another Planet

  • Hi Eleanor,

    Lachlan has been introduced to – or has discovered – some wonderful concepts at his youthful human age.

    No kids here but I figure I’d err on the side of letting him be who he is. Of course, the protective side will come up. It’s natural to want to have you child fit in on some levels.

    The blessing of the situation is the infinite guidance you have learned to tap into. Your guides can provide wonderful counsel in this area.

    Thanks for sharing with us!


    • Hi Ryan,
      Thank you for the supportive words. Yes, I must allow him to be who he is and yes, I shall tap into my guidance on this one.
      He told me today he is ready for his own YouTube account to show off his Lego creations, too cute!
      Thanks again,

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