I'm just not myself today

I’ve had quite a busy weekend working to catch up on my business as my 7 year old was off sick from school most of the week. By Sunday night I was so ready to switch off the computer but I had a page still to build on my Spirit Guides Coaching.

I could feel my energy levels droppings and stress levels rising then I remembered what it was I was I was actually doing. I was giving guidance to others on connecting with their Divine Guidance so I stopped and got myself into a relaxed state and asked for help. First i got myself a cup of tea then set the intention that I would connect with my guides before doing any more on my page. No sooner had I got into a relaxed state and allowed the energy in then there they were, all around me and with me.
The energy was just so beautiful, so energising, I wanted to stay in it for a very long time however I had work to complete.
The energy I felt from my guides was that I am not alone, they are with me guiding and supporting me and are very aware of my dreams and intentions. I sat in this energy for a bit then asked for their help with my last bit of work for the day and, well, it was easy. The words just seemed to flow from my brain to my keyboard. Work completed I got to bed at a reasonable time, slept peacefully and just before waking I felt their presence again. Same energy, same physical feelings and same guidance. I am not alone, I have help and support from Spirit, and I guess some days I forget that, particularly when I am faced with lots to do and life gets in the way.
I would like to take this opportunity to remind you too that you are not alone. Ask your guides to come in, make time every day to connect with them and work alongside Spirit, it feels great!

10 thoughts on “I'm just not myself today

  • Hi Eleanor,

    I agree that it’s so amazing when you can call on Divine Guidance whenever needed. As a Coach who works with Spirit, I find I become so concentrated on helping others I forget I have help whenever I need it myself. When I work with my own Divine Guidance I am always so grateful for what comes through for me.

    • Yeah Lia,
      Isn’t it funny how we can be so dedicated to helping others we forget we can do the same for ourselves. Great to meet another
      working with Spirit Lia.

  • Hi Eleanor,

    Awesome experience and advice!

    I spend 5 to 10 minutes in quiet each hour. The effectiveness of my acts jumped after sticking to this practice.

    I let go and let my intuition supply me. I feel guided – either by The Guide, or a group of guides – knowing that everything will be OK, that might work will get done and not to worry.

    Thanks again for sharing Eleanor!


    • Hi Ryan,
      I think it’s great that you take time out every hour to just ‘be’ quiet and let your intuition guide you. It can be kind of fun working with guides too, makes our days more joyful for sure!

  • My sister has spirit guides that help her. She says I do, too. I don’t know. What I do know is that the Holy Spirit of the Lord guides me. Maybe I am getting help from others. One religion I know about says that we have lots of angels around us. Are these guardian angels, spirit guides or the spirits of people who have gone before us? I don’t think it matters. What matters is that we know that we are never, ever left alone.

    • Hi Ann,
      Yes, we have many helpers from Spirit. I love how you say ‘we are never, ever left alone.’ We are all guided in many different ways from many sources.
      Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it.

  • Hi Eleanor,
    What a beautiful reminder. I tend to forget this lesson when I’m NOT under stress. Funny, but I’m now realizing that when I’m working would be an excellent time to ask for guidance and help.

  • Hi Sherrie,
    Yeas, I used to the same. I would ask for guidance when I felt good only but I now take time to connect particularly when I’m facing challenges and or difficulties. The sense of peace and love that comes through is so soothing and offers the energy state to carry on.

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