Intuition Is Queen – part two

Recognising your Intuition

Ok, you now have an idea of what intuition is, communication from your higher self, that all knowing part of you that knows what you chose to experience and your purpose in this lifetime. That’s great,however most of us are not consciously aware of what is an intuitive hit and what isn’t. Because we are conditioned to live by our thinking self then it can be difficult to recognise our inner guidance even though we have been recieving that guidance all our life.

If our guidance is our higher self then we can assume that our thinking self is the lower self, the part of us that wants to keep us safe, to keep us in the comfort zone we are accustomed to. This is not a bad thing, after all the logical mind is a fantastic part of the human make up, it helps us make decisions, take action, complete projects, communicate with others and all of the 3 dimensional activities which make life so exciting. Even more exciting is when the higher and lower self complement each other, when actions we take are from a place of inspiration, not merely motivation, when we are tapping into the universal network, our higher consciousness and the wisdom of our soul.

I’d like you to take a minute and think back to a time when you ‘just knew’something or ‘had a feeling’ about something or someone. Maybe it was meeting someone for the first time, maybe it was a job you accepted or declined. Just go back to that time and feel that feeling as much as you can. You may be able to feel it, maybe not but you will have an idea of what it felt like, a bit like something being on the tip of your tongue and you just can’t find the words. We all know when we have a feeling, we just don’t always recognise it as intuition and take the inspired action.

Something I have always done is take down notes when I have had intuitive hits. I have bits of paper everywhere, lists, notebooks and I have been known to use the back of my hand to write on….and if I haven’t had a pen, a lippy or an eyeliner has done the job, messy but effective all the same. What i didn’t realise at the time was that I was receiving information from my higher self, guidance which, if I followed would lead me to wonderful experiences, people, opportunities and places. It has also led me to fantastic teachers, courses, books and information which has served me tremendously.

Try This

Whatever the reason for you wishing to become more intuitive I invite you to start noting down any ideas or inspirations you receive throughout the day. Keep a little notebook handy at all times, even scraps of paper will do if circumstances require. This will get you into the habit of noticing what you notice. It will open up the connection with your higher self and the more you notice then the more you will notice.

I also, when I first begin to awaken in the morning have ideas flowing so it is a good idea to keep a notebook handy by your bed. The amount of information we receive in our sleep state can be phenomenal but unfortunately it can be quickly forgotten. By sending the message to your higher self and universal network of information that you are actively seeking wisdom and guidance then you are signaling that you are ready for a shift, a shift into personal power, freedom, wonderful experiences and guidance on demand!


Intuition is something which can be developed over time, it takes dedication, trust and a dose of courage to act on your guidance and a recognition of when the mind, our lower self is doing all it can to keep you where you are.

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