Intuition Is Queen – part one

Today I am guided to write a series of articles on intuition, or following our intuition to be precise.  A few days a week I head into town after dropping off my son at school to a restaraunt who offer free wifi.  It is a lovely relaxed space in which to work and where I feel I am still participating in life away from ‘work’.  Working for ourself can be quite lonely at times, well for me anyway…many hours spent alone, focusing on my next article, blog post or whatever and forgetting there is a world out there.  Anyway, this morning I was heading out of the door when I had a feeling, a feeling that said, ‘What if there’s no internet connection?  What will i do?’  I pushed it away and talked myself out of listening.  We hopped onto the bus, Lachlan got into school and I headed off to the restaraunt.  Laptop out, cup of tea, switched on and….nothing!  Tried again, and again, still nothing, aagh.  Then it hit me, my intuition, my inner guidance let me know this morning and what did i do?  Yep, I ignored it, I let my head override my guidance.

I wanted to research a few things online today, read up on a few things and I may have surfed a while aimlessly yet here I am using this experience to share with you how best to develop intuition and to ‘follow it’.

This article will be split into sections, not sure how many yet, let’s just go with what comes through yeah?

What is Intuition?

Good question.  Intuition is the guidance system we have which is innate to us human beings, it is the gateway to living a life of freedom, personal power and a relationship with our higher self.
Intuition is a gift which, when accessed can be the most amazing mapping system for life.  We all know we have this gift, we have all felt it at some point, we have all heard ourselves or others say things like ‘I had a good feeling’, or ‘I had a bad feeling’….about something or other.  The key to accessing and utilising our intuition is understanding what it is and how best to be guided by it.

Everyone is unique and so is each of our ‘inner, quiet voice’. How we tap into it, how we make sense of it and how we receive intuitive guidance is a personal thing.  For me, intuition comes as feelings, feelings which transcend into a language I understand, most of the time!

It is a communication with my higher self, an aspect of my soul which is constantly communicating with me, sending me information and wisdom which guides me to new experiences, experiences of learning and growth and occassionaly to steer me from a path which may not be of benefit to me or others.  I like to liken it to tapping into the universal computer, to the vast bank of information being put out into the universe, to the information and wisdom which is timeless, from through the ages.  Information and wisdom which I could not find in a book or online even and a lot of stuff we need can be found online or in books.

One of my favourite authors Bob Scheinfeld, in his wonderful book, The 11th Element uses the analogy of our inner CEO, tapping into the universal network of information.  I highly recommend reading his book, there are some wonderful exercises to work in partnership with your inner CEO or intuition.

A I previously mentioned, your intuition is direct communication from your higher self, the all knowing part of you, the part that has guided you through your life up until now and into the future.  It is the keeper of the wisdom and the experiences you chose for your incarnation into the physical self.  For some people this concept can be quite difficult to comprehend, particularly those of you who are new to tapping into your intuition consciously.  The thinking part of us, the ego will try very hard to stay the same, it doesn’t like change, it likes to be in control! After all we are in society taught to use our thinking and logic to determine actions and make decisions and to move into an intuitive way of being is, uncommon, or so we believe however many many successful people use intuition to build great wealth and success.

“Your intuition is your direct pipeline to a form of intelligence that is completely beyond your conscious brain. Successful, effective, happy people are those who have gotten onto the beam of their own intuitive senses and who rely continuously on their inner guidance – and they seldom make mistakes.”
—Brian Tracy

Many successful people who are asked how they have achieved what they have just cannot explain how they did it, they will use words and phrases such as ‘In the right place at the right time’, ‘Just a hunch’, ‘It just felt right at the time’, ‘An idea from nowhere’.  You get the picture?  I’m sure those phrases resonate within you at some level.  Have you ever been daydreaming and you get an idea pooping into your head?  Or in the shower?  That’s what I call an intuitive hit and those hits can steer you into a completely new direction or add a new dimension to an existing plan or action, if we act upon them.

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