Is Your Believability Factor Stunting Your Mindset For Success?

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How high is your believability factor and does it accelerate your mindset for success or stunt it?  This is something I ask clients when they come to me for coaching.  Before we can truly be of service to others we have to have a deep belief in ourselves and what we do.  Until then it may become a game of convincing prospective clients rather than attracting ideal clients to us naturally.

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It has taken me rather a long time to raise my believability factor, in fact I am constantly working on it.  I like to feel that I believe in what I am offering, I mean, really believe!  This raises confidence, self esteem and self worth as well as giving you that unseen energy which oozes juicy believability to everyone you come into contact with.

I really had to step back and take a good look (and listen) to myself before I could even begin moving forward with this.  Isn’t it funny how we don’t really know how we sound when we talk to people let alone speak to ourselves?  One big learning kick up the butt for me was listening to myself speaking to my son.  Kids are so expectant, so full of magnetic attraction and yet the language I was using was the language of ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ ‘You can’t have everything’   and a lot of ‘No’s’ with no explanation….eeeeew!  I admit, it was a good while ago but I was there, knee deep!

To raise your believability factor try noticing what you notice about yourself.  When you see someone more successful what do you tell yourself about why you’re not.  If you come across a great course, notice what you have told yourself about why you couldn’t do it, or do it as well or even better. It’s amazing the stuff that pops up and that stuff is lingering in and around you which could be a case of understanding energy hygiene but that’s a whole new post 🙂

Those beliefs stunting your mindset for success can be shifted.  They can be replaced with empowering beliefs over time.  It is a discipline really and I recommend not just ignoring them but asking yourself ‘What can I replace this belief with?’  Or ask a question such as ‘How can I believe…..?’  Imagery is a great tool for belief shifting, put up pictures or even write down the new belief you want to embody and have it somewhere you can see it and let it move into your subconscious.

With everything you create get clear on how you want clients to feel when they receive it.  Is there a clear structure for solving an issue or a challenge for them?  Have you used this yourself?  Could it be even better, can you go the extra mile?  Will it raise their energy in some way, does it focus on positive outcomes? Do you believe in it?

And remember to have a chat with your inner pundits every once in a while to check in on the fear and doubt within and get that mindset for success.


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5 thoughts on “Is Your Believability Factor Stunting Your Mindset For Success?

  • Hi Eleanor,

    Good morning! I just woke up and I had a dream about my believability factor. It was very encouraging and I will share it as a post on my blog. You are right on to say my beliefs were stunting me. It’s good to occasionally step back and see how the beliefs are serving you and if they aren’t, then it’s time to let it go. Replace it with beliefs that support you 🙂

    There’s a lot of inner pundits or what I call my gremlins which I need to check-in with and ask what are its concerns. If I don’t, the chatter inside my head can drive me crazy 🙂

  • Eleanor, this is a constant state for me – moving to the accepting and positive and quieting the negative self-defeating voices that serve no purpose except to slow down my progress. Great post and reminder that we are a work in progress. 🙂

  • Hi Eleanor,
    Your beliefs are everything. They literally dictate your thoughts and actions. They’re kind of like a program running in the back of your mind.

    The good news is, like you say, you can change your beliefs.

    Excellent post. Thanks for sharing!


  • Loved It! You are so right on. I do think that my believability factor has stunted my mindset for success. I know what I want to do to help people, but when asked, I kind of stutter my way through it.

    Why? Because I’m not sure other people believe I know what I’m talking about.

    Why? Who do I think I am? Why do I think I could help people? The voice in the back of my head needs a lot of work!

    Great article,

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