Is Your Mindset Spyware Running?


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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could change your mindset? Can you imagine the possibilities, they would be endless. On the other hand, have you ever wondered what would happen if you turned off your spam filters and disabled your computer spyware? Yeah, just imagine what you would be bombarded and faced with constantly.

This is exactly what happens when we turn off our mindset spyware and spam filters. Your internal spyware can be running at all times if you programme it to filter out the spam and crap you neither want or need. Back to the computer analogy…just go into your junk folder and take a look at how much gets through and how good our email providers are at catching it. If you can begin to imagine your own virtual junk folder just imagine what you could dump in there. All the thoughts that are just ready to hijack you and have you asking ‘Is this mine?’, ‘Don’t remember signing up for this but hey, it must be for me’.

A junk folder will give you a choice of whether to accept a thought or dump it. It will train you to recognise blocks of thought and recurring themes coming into your space. It will get you noticing the thoughts that inspire and guide you to a more creative and empowering mindset.

Now that you have your junk folder let’s get the spyware running. I’ve seen the states computers get into when there is no effective or active spyware on there. Weird toolbars, constant 404’s, spontaneous shut downs, slow and sluggish or completely goofed. This happens to us also when we are not aware of what we are allowing into our space. There may be people around you emitting stuff that’s not good for your hard drive, it may be your environment. It could be what you do when you are procrastinating, ie, doing something, anything, rather than doing that one thing today that will move you closer to your desire because it scares you.

For the next hour try filing the junk into your junk folder and notice what is being stored in your hard drive, if it don’t feel good, delete and move forward. Love and honour your mindset even more than you do your mac, your desktop or your beloved laptop 🙂

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