My Soul Won't Let It Go

Yup, I guess it’s time to bite the bullet, leave my doubts behind and listen to the voice of my soul..TRULY LISTEN! There have been a few moments just lately where I’ve thought it was impossible to have the life I want. The joy, the business, the relationships, the skills, the courage, the intuitive abilities, the time….bla bla bla. I could go on but I’d be here all day 🙂 The truth is, I’ve been hiding out.

I’ve been hiding out then hiding out some more, I mean that’s easier right? Well it can be for a while, wallowing behind the drone of ‘I don’t get the technology’, ‘I don’t have the time’, ‘I can’t afford it’, ‘What will people think of me?’ ‘People out there are doing far greater than I ever could’. Well the ego here is doing a great job of keeping us safe when this kind of stuff comes up, it’s keeping us safe but keeping us small, blocking the light of our soul. Ok, that would be tough, maybe dimming it a bit, drowning out the voice of our true essence like roaring traffic does. The trick is to begin to listen with our inner ears.

Call it intuition, guidance, higher self, expanded self whatever, it is the voice of our soul reminding us of who we really are, of what we chose to ‘be’ in our lifetime. Our magnificence!

We tend to forget that by hiding out we are unable to hold the space for others who are asking for us, who want to connect with us. It may be in business, in relationships, with family or friends, they are waiting on us shining our light as brightly as possible to encourage and support them in doing the same.

So, get to know the voice of your soul, begin to trust those feelings and nudges you get throughout the day. Start with small things. You may get a nudge to make a call, to put yourself out there in a small way, whatever it is just do it with loving intentions and the people and opportunities awaiting you will appear.

I have made the commitment to do just this and I feel great knowing that I am honouring my true self. In all honesty the voice of my soul is much more exciting than the egoic voice who I know is looking out for me but man, it can get a bit repetitive and dull….here’s to the light 🙂

Be Inspired,

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