Small Steps To Developing Intuition

Developing your intuition is just like working out. Look on it as a muscle that, the more it is used the more it will strengthen and support you. Whether for you it is a quiet voice, a hunch, a gut feeling or a voice it can be one of the most valuable tools in your box.

Here are different ways to develop this gift.

  • If you haven’t thought of yourself as intuitive, open your mind to the possibility.
  • Keep a journal or notebook handy and jot down any feelings or insights you have throughout the day.
  • Keep a dream journal and note any dreams you remember. Read over this regularly to note anything that has come up in your life.
  • Take 5-10 mins a day to be silent. This will give you the space to be silent and get acquainted with your inner voice.
  • Before you fall asleep at night, ask your subconscious a question you have (or write it down, addressed to your subconscious mind) and expect an answer to arrive.
  • Focus on solutions, not on the problem or issue. Ask your inner guidance to direct you to a solution. You will find you will be given the next step or course of action.
  • If it feels weird to be following your gut or feelings start with small issues and gradually work that muscle.
  • Have fun with it, imagine yourself getting to know a whole new part of you, the wise part:)

8 thoughts on “Small Steps To Developing Intuition

  • Love the tips. I especially like the tip about the dream journal. My daughter is really into dreams and figuring out what they mean, I am going to share this tip with her. Thank you!

    • Yes Jodi, please do share it. I love when I hear of younger folks tapping into their unconscious, there is so much wisdom in there,
      thank you for your comment,

  • Excellent tips. I’ve always gone with my gut feeling about people and situations (and have paid for it when I didn’t follow it!) I’ve never thought of actually ‘asking’ my gut or intuition a question. I’ll have to give it a try!

  • Eleanor, this is a very timely message for me; been trying to develop my intuition and knowing when to trust it. How can you tell when its guidance versus wishful thinking?

    • Hi Lindee, When you are receiving intuitive guidance it always make you feel good and expanded. Sometimes you may also notice things
      happening in sync relating to the guidance you are receiving. When you say wishful thinking remember your imagination is also a wonderful tool
      when tapping into your higher self…wishful thinking is a way to know what we want right?
      Begin with asking for guidance on small things and start to follow it, it’s like everything, practice practice,
      Enjoy it

  • Nice concise information with great suggestions. I think that it was especially great to mention to focus on solutions. Our positive affirmations can take us far.

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