Success Loves Company


Have you noticed how our success is less of a lonely journey with company?  Success just loves sharing however small.

  • It loves conversation particularly with those who have achieved what you want to achieve.
  • It loves a bringing together of minds, share your knowledge and receive it.
  • It loves showing up as a leader, step up and lead those who are silently calling for you.
  • It loves guidance, ask for help and guidance when you need it.
  • It loves collaboration, invite others in on your plans.  Think of the win win.
  • It loves reflection, take time to be silent, call on your expanded self to show you the next step.
  • It loves an expansion of knowledge.  Find a mentor or a coach.  Gift yourself with support and encouragement.
  • It loves an element of faith.  Have faith in your vision and your ability to achieve it.
  • It loves change, if something isn’t working it looks for what will.
  • It loves seeing what does not work quickly and learning from it.
  • It loves high energy thoughts.
  • It’s loves a supportive lifestyle.
  • It loves individuality and authenticity.


Your success is a partnership with others, with ideas, with risks, with truth and faith.


To your success,


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5 thoughts on “Success Loves Company

  • I learn this more each day Eleanor. I used to be a lone wolf. I quickly realized success loves company, and the more good company you keep, the easier it is to become successful.

    Why? People who know what you don’t know help you. You learn from others, seeing situations from a different perspective. Tough to do this unless you keep company, and high energy company at that.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Hi Eleanor,
    It’s great to meet you and your blog:)
    You wrote a little “Success Poem”. I love it!
    The final phrase says all. Success is a journey in which you taste different slices of the same cake.
    The most important elements are faith in yourself and your vision. That is your truth. Keep it in your heart until it becomes reality.
    Then, have fun and feel good every day. There is no success without joy:)

    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a splendid day,

  • Eleanor, so true! I love these ideas. I once read the line, “Company hates misery.” in a book by Melody Beattie on codependency. It cracked me up. I think of how positive people are drawn to each other with healthy boundaries. And, well, most successful people didn’t get there alone. Ahh, great food for thought today!

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