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How much time do you spend on you?  When I say you, I mean the inner you.  I’m not talking having a facial or nails or a great new hairstyle, I’m talking about your energy, your mindset and your purpose.  One of my mentors, Shelby Collinge asked this question in one of her audio teachings and it really got me thinking.

A great way to consistently work on you is to commit to yourself first and foremost and make the time it takes to go through the process.  This will probably mean waking up earlier than usual or spending less time on your business.  Yes, you read that correctly, spend a little less time on your business.

You are your business, the energy and mindset you emanate from the inside is the energy and mindset of your business.  If you worked out how much time you spend on yourself compared to how much time you spend working then you will see the imbalance and probably feel it too.  As a business grows we must grow also.   However, as our growth escalates then the quicker our business will grow.  Developing ourselves is the first key to success.  We can eliminate beliefs and thought patterns keeping us small, we can manage our energy more effectively and we can move into our purpose in a bigger way.

Some examples of inner growth are

  • Taking 15 minutes for self healing
  • Spending 10 minutes visualising your desires
  • Connecting with your invisible counsel
  • Uncovering your true relationship with money
  • Looking at your mindset
  • Meditating regularly
  • Allowing yourself to feel your fears and do something to take you out of your comfort zone
  • Expecting the results you desire rather than needing them
  • Managing your energy

For me, around 1hour 20 minutes every day can move me from feeling stuck and needy to flowing and expecting.  Take some time to notice what knocks you off balance and commit to changing it, when you change the inner you, the outer changes too.

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