The Akashic Records and Cheese

Yup, you read that right, cheese. What on earth has cheese to do with the Akashic Records? For me, no more cheese. I’ve always loved cheese, sandwiches, sauce, toasties, with garlic, with hot tomatoes, omg, I’ve even been known to jump out of bed to grab a big chunk….always got me to sleep you see.

Well, one of my favourite nibbles has to go. I’ve always known it really, deep down that dairy didn’t really rock my digestion. Gave me spots too but what to do, the odd cheesy fest wasn’t so bad, I could always give up tomorrow or Monday. It was tough though cos I had an addiction to that yellow lump of lard. Until, 8 weeks ago that is, when I was drawn to training in reading the Akashic Records, woo, what a blast! Taking my intuitive skills to another level, helping others re-connect with their soul purpose, help them understand their challenges and move through them. And so it began, that whispering voice…’stay off the cheese, stay off the cheese.’ Of course being the intutive gal I am, I ignored it! I got into my training full belt head on and absolutely loved it. Being in the records is such an honour yet it takes a lot of energy, energy management that is.

I’ve always known any type of energy work can be tiring if our own energy is not manged effectively of course but was I in for a surprise, not a nice one may I add. I just couldn’t focus when I’d had my gastronomic hit of cheese 🙁 I was tired, lethargic and couldn’t concentrate. It’s a no brainer then I used it as a sedative for so long. It got me to thinking about what I eat and what my body and intuition has been telling me about the food I feed it.

I thought I’d share this with you folks to remind you that you can eat intuitively. After all, your body knows best what it needs to support you. Maybe tomorrow, just for one day take some time to listening to your body and ask it what it needs. Break the habitual eating and converse with your body. It may be yelling at you (a quiet whisper?) ‘get off the cheese’ or the sugar, wheat, whatever.

Who’d have thought The Akashic Records would get me off the cheese, a spotty chin tried but hey, there’s make up for that.

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