The Ambitious Soul of Women

When women are ambitious they can be seen as less than feminine, by other women in particular.  This is a big misconception, ambitious women are standing in their power, they are reaching for the life they desire, the lifestyle they desire….how smart and savvy is that?  Well savvy yes when they are living a life free of struggle, staying in alignment with their soul purpose and feeling on top form mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Many ambitious women in today’s society who, on the outside look like they have it all are actually struggling. They are struggling to manage the part of looking after themselves. Staying grounded, looking after their emotional and physical health and most importantly feeling that they love what it is they do.
Having a great career is great if, you love what you do and you feel, at the end of every day that you have been truly appreciated and you have let your soul gifts shine through. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as women tell me. They want to connect with and live their soul purpose, they want to use their magnificent intuitive gifts to create a life free of struggle and still have it all, the lifestyle, the family (in some cases) and the wealth.
By connecting with that ambitious soul an empowering shift can take place which can open up new possibilities and opportunities to create and be exactly who women want to be. One way to do this is to hire a coach like me who can help women develop a mindset of connecting with themselves energetically, recognising their gifts and living an energy inspired life, a life which supports, energises and empowers!

Remember, it’s not about what we do but how we feel when we do it!

Wishing you inspiration always!

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