The Law of Success

Another of our universal laws yet the definition of success is different for every one of us.  For some it is reaching new heights in their business, realising personal hopes and ambitions or the fulfillment of a heart’s desires.  True success however, is much more than this.  It is bettering oneself on a constant basis, stretching oneself to move into a place of increased personal power.

Our success depends on many things.  One of them is stepping into and adopting a new course of action inherent with our heart’s desire.  When our inner is in integrity then the head follows with integrity.  If the inner is shaken by fear, dis-belief or  programming of  mass society then the head cannot support us.

It is widely believed that hard graft and industrious like hours is a guarantee for success yet forward thinkers know better, they are aware of their beliefs, fears and social conditioning.  They take the time to delve into those places where most dare not to.  They pull on the power of their inner vision to dig deep and release what does not serve their purpose.  This is done on a regular basis, with advancement in mind.  It is training just as an athlete trains every day with one goal in mind, to better him or herself.

With each advancement we are invoking more of the ‘I Can’ attitude and with that ‘I Can’ more clues as to your fears, beliefs and programming will surface yet again.  Investigate, become an astute detective of your inner self and use the knowledge to create the success you imagine.  There will always be room for further investigation, for digging deeper.  Use your time wisely…When you hear that quiet whisper of inspiration reply with ‘I Can!’


Wishing you Success with Spirit and Soul


9 thoughts on “The Law of Success

  • The biggest technique that has helped me over the years is learning to shed the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Once I reinserted beliefs that serve me better and became more aligned with my inner self, my outward manifestations were better and more abundant. Thanks for a great topic and post!

    • Yes Martha, great technique! I’ve found many people find that difficult, particularly their unconscious beliefs. Mindset is a huge factor in determining our success.

      Thanks for your comment,

  • Hi Eleanor, your right, when success alludes us we need to look inside ourselves for the answers. Fears, negative beliefs and social conditioning hinder us far more than we know and we are only now coming to understand that. Thanks for the message.

    • Thanks Lia, I agree about looking within. So much of our ‘stuff’ lies hidden and when we bring it to the surface it makes room for supportive and guiding thoughts etc.
      Thanks for commenting Lia,
      Have a great day

  • A big part of the human condition are the patterns we lock ourselves into due to those fears…when did we stop believing in ourselves. Discernment is a big part of knowing your Inner World…Being truthful with self and getting up when you fall down…Life is full of challenges to our success…one of the biggest being Ourselves…Make success a State of Being..because you believe in yourself and you Can…Love your Statement…” I Can”…it was repeated over and over in the last post I did on my blog…Great post Eleanor…

    • Hi Ravenmyth,
      Welcome to my blog! Great to hear your thoughts. Something I do with clients is working with their unconscious mind to get clear on ‘when did they stop believing.’ I love your
      words, very inspiring,


  • Hi Eleanor,

    Like Martha I find shedding limiting beliefs as I move forward helps me become more successful.

    It’s like letting success out. We are Success. We are unlimited. So becoming successful is more about growing, progressing, and releasing layers of limiting belief blocking our success. The more release, the more growth, the more success.



    • Hi Ryan,
      Great to hear from you! Yeah, the more release, the more growth and the more success. It’s a bit like peeling an onion releasing those beliefs. It can be challenging yet one of the
      most empowering things we can do for ourselves. So happy to be connected to others who are gifting the world with this wisdom,

      To our success,

  • Hi Eleanor,
    I love talking about universal laws. What a refreshing take on success and what it means, thank you. I’m on the road to defining my own success and what it means to me. I bet it will look like no one else’s!

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