The law of Thinking

gardenThinking, something each and every one of us does.  Our attention, focused on our mental attitudes will give us the predominant factor in our actions, direction and experience.  If our attitudes are optimistic, open and broad then our foremost mental state will exhibit a highly advancing and progressive nature.

Our daily acts from our personality are ruled primarily by the conscious mind therefore it is wise to be aware of our leading conscious state when undertaking any task.  If our leading state is aspiring, harmonious, positive and inspired then we will be directed to progressive channelling of our thoughts.  Our thoughts can propel into the universe more quickly than the sound of our own voice, our minds are a powerhouse, as real as currents of electricity.  As we think we create and as we witness our creations we attract more of the same through thought.  The fundamentals behind every success is directed thought.

If we look at nature we see that she will fertilise the seed of a weed and that of a flower.  This is true also for the energy of our thoughts.   The law of thinking shows that a high level thought and a low level thought are given the same attention, each will be given creation without judgement.

If we see our minds as a fertile garden then we can be more conscious of what we  fertilise.  We can produce the most amazing, vibrant creations or weeds which wrap their roots around our future so tightly that we can barely see it, let alone imagine it.  Ask yourself every day ‘Are my thoughts controlling me or do I intend my thoughts to work for me?.’



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