Using The Law Of Attraction To Manage Your Energy

When working with the law of attraction it is crucial to understand how managing your energy supports the manifestation process. Remember the law of attraction is constantly at every moment, now and now and now……………! Being aware of your vibrational output considerably speeds up the manifestation of desires, but how?

Let me give an example.

For a long time I wanted to create a business doing what I love, teaching and coaching women how to use spirituality, energy management and mindset shifting strategies to create a life and or business they desired. Great, but it wasn’t happening. Something was blocking my desires coming to me. I wanted it, I visualised it, I needed it, I trained and trained some more….still the same pattern until I learned to use the law of attraction to manage my energy.
I understood the law intellectually but couldn’t quite get moving in the direction I wanted to go then in came the energy management.Techniques so simple they blew my mind.

Ok, I wanted the business that would fit around my life yet more often than not when I thought about having it I would shift into the mindset of ‘What if I attract the wrong clients’, ‘What if I attract no clients?’, ‘No one will pay me’ and on and on like this. Well yes I knew what I wanted but when I let my thoughts run away with me then my vibration was getting lower and lower and I could feel it. I somehow had to raise my vibration to a feeling better place for more of the time. No great manifesting can occur when our energy is misdirected, going in all different directions….it’s like trying to power a 15amp electrical appliance with a 13amp plug……no match right?

So I began raising my vibration bit by bit more of the time until, with practice, I was doing this without even thinking about it. I became very aware of how I was feeling, checking in regularly until my thoughts and feelings moved into alignment. As I said, it did take practice but it can be done and when it all comes together then your actions come from a place of inspiration, aligned with your thoughts and feelings so next time you feel yourself feeling low, check in, what are you thinking about? Think of something that makes you feel better and notice the change in feelings. That change will drive you on to keep doing this and manifest more quickly using the law of attraction.

Wishing you inspiration!

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