Who Are You, Really?

Do you know who you are at soul level?  Do you know the origin of your soul? You may be an earther through and through, you may be a star traveller from one of the many star systems and planets in the universe.  We all have a soul history, purpose and gifts.

When we decide at a soul level to incarnate into a physical body here on earth we do so for the experience.  It has been called life lessons however, I feel it is more for the experience, lesson reminds me of a classroom setting where a whole bunch of people are taught to think the same way.

Sometimes, life can feel as if it is happening to us rather than us creating it according to our own desired blueprint.  It can feel as if there is no purpose or we just can’t figure it out.  When we understand who we are at a soul level and recognise our soul gifts then we can begin to be more of a deliberate creator in our experience.

Some of us here on earth are here to tap into the energy of our planet.  Others are here to stand up for truth and be a beacon for others to do the same.  Some of us are here to be a guiding force and empower others to do the same, some are here to show the way through love.  We are all different yet we share many soul characteristics.

Your higher self (soul self) can offer guidance on who you are at soul level.  It is the all knowing part of you, the whole you at an energetic level.  By asking you are opening up the connection to a bigger, wiser and expanded version of you.


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