Who AreYou Channelling?

This is a post I have wanted to write about for a while now however something was stopping me. I’ve since come to realise that a lot of what I do is not everyone’s cup of tea. When you spend as much time as I do on building a business and doing a lot of left brained stuff then it’s easy to keep quiet about some stuff but today I’m going for it.

Channeling is something that used to be associated with old fashioned seances and mediums allowing other entities to enter their body, essentially shifting out of their own body to make room for said entity. This is, I feel rather dangerous and so not great for us humans. For one there are many entities out there who are no wiser or evolved than we are, no more enlightened or knowlegable. There are entities who have, for various reasons stayed around the earth plane. They may have experienced trauma at the point of death, they may feel they need to stay behind as those on the earth plane are so upset or they may have had an addiction at the point of death causing confusion and chaos at the point of passing over.

The parts of the entity staying behind are the mental and emotional bodies and they are very happy to hang around a living person with highly charged thoughts and emotions similar to their own. The low energy thoughts and feelings of the person will then increase in intensity becoming more and more difficult to cope with. If we decide to channel any old guidance that is exactly what we will get, remember,Ask and it’s Given! This is not healthy mentally, emotionally or energetically. We must be clear in our intention before we ask for guidance if we want to experience ourselves fully.

When we are asking for guidance we want high level guidance, this can come from our higher self, our spirit guides, angels or direct from source. Ultimately when we channel we are channeling our own truth, the truth of who we are at soul level, our own divine truth.¬† Before sitting down and asking for guidance make it clear that you are asking for wisdom from high level master teachers, guides, angels or source. Whether you are writing, receiving wisdom in visions, in sounds or in feeling, set the intention. And remember, no questions beginning with ‘Should I?’ Ask what a good next step would be for you in whatever area you are seeking guidance with.

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